Tim Duggan is an engaging public speaker who has delivered keynotes, workshops and MC’ed events around the world. He talks on the topics of entrepreneurship, community, business and creativity, and tailors his content to fit the audience to ensure it lands with impact every single time.

Some of Tim’s signature keynotes and workshops include:

  • Cult Status: How to build a business people adore
  • Killer Thinking: How to turn good ideas into brilliant ones
  • Generation Why: Understanding Millennials inside and out
  • The Impact of Impact Statements: Adding accountability and depth to your goals
  • Death To Brainstorms: Making ideation at work more inclusive and creative
  • New Media: Lessons from a digital, social and publishing Junkee

And many more topics.

Tim can tailor a presentation to suit most needs, drawing on years of insights, research studies and multiple award-winning books.

Tim Duggan public speaking

Here are some kind words previous clients have said about Tim’s presentations:

“Tim speaks as persuasively and insightfully as he writes. He thinks carefully about the audience, shows them great respect by doing his research and finds ways to connect with them immediately. He’s a master of engagement and has a rare gift for building rapport, sparking interaction and raising the energy in the room. Best of all, he leaves people with simple, actionable ideas they can’t wait to experiment with – it’s fair to say that Tim is more of an experience than a speaker and our community loved it!”

Craig Davis, Chief Evalangelist, Upside Founder Progam (Co-Founder, Sendle)

Tim Duggan public speaker

Tim was the perfect keynote speaker for our conference. He invested time to truly understand our business and tailor content to meet our leaders’ needs. Together with meaningful insight, he delivered creative tools that our team have put in place immediately. Tim’s engaging, down-to-earth style captivated everyone and really hit the mark for our session.”

Brooke Long, Executive Manager of Community Engagement, Thermomix Australia and New Zealand


“When we set up the some workshops with Tim we knew we would initiate some self-reflection and thinking as a team but we hadn’t anticipated the deep impact the process would have on the development of individual members of and as a collective team. It’s been massive. What’s equally satisfying is the long tail that the approach and work continues to have. It’s positively pushed us into a brighter future and one where we are set to have more impact, with purpose and motivation…It was great to work directly with Tim, as he not only brings a wealth of personal and professional experience he is readily able to bring to life complex ideas with ease and supporting evident. Tim worked with all levels of experience in Tourism New Zealand, bringing an approachable and enabling style that gets the best out of people.”

– Andrew Wadell, General Manager – Australia, Tourism New Zealand

To speak to Tim’s team about giving an inspiring and engaging presentation or workshop at your next event, head to the Contact page.